A Friend named Archie

Hey of course this is not a parting note, but a note from person who is passing through mid life crisis to another who has gone past that :)(Well somewhat!). I am not going talk about your leadership skills which I was sadly part of, as it took some time away from our togetherness. I am not even going talk about your adolescent crushes, which meant listening to your really vague, and at times drunken rants, on love. I am not going to talk about your dreams of becoming someone big(was it, Managing Director) at Shell Inc., even though you are heading closer to their oil wells. I am not worthy to talk about your life when I was away looking to make my career and hardly heard from you.

But what then am I going talk about? That's the best part, right? And true to its core, it is not obvious, obvious; that this really non-obligatory friendship has stood this long, and i know it will stand even when tides change in whatever ways - this friendship is just magic. That's the charm of this friendship which transcends time and space.

You are still the same Archie that, played, smoked, loved, drank, prayed, stole, sang, danced, cried, screamed, fought, and laughed with us, and will always be.

Good luck to my friend named Archie. And may god help muscat!!!

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