You Know That I Would Be a Liar...

I needed to break this procrastinating about writing, somehow. If there is one thing that not miss doing everyday is listen to music, so i thought why not write about it. So here is the first of the the series on 7 numbers that I do not mind playing in a loop though the week. Mind you these are neither my favourites nor the best seven of all times, but numbers I feel good listening to- thats all. Also this bringing to you allowed me dig deeper into the each of these numbers which I had listened to so long yet knew so little about. Here is the list for the week :)

Light My Fire - The Doors

The Doors is my favourite band and I could not help but start with it. A lot of people would have started listening to The Doors with "Roadhouse Blues", but mine was this and just happens that I started listening to this exceptional interlude of Organ and Guitar together, oh man, it was out of this world. Ray just gets into the zone all the time and acts as an exceptional cover to Jim antiques. The synergy between, the band members in this song sublime, and its magical to say the least. Jim Morrison's drunken voice does totally floor Robby's Lyrics, and the gypsy tunes rendered out of the Ray's ambidexterity is just out of this world. Listen on.

Strange Brew - Cream

I could have easily put this on top of the list, but remember the list is not ranked. This song came a little too late to my ears, but the moment I heard it, I scramble to find who the f##k was making this wonderful music. Strangely I could not even make the voice out, inspite of listening Clapton for ages by then. This is signature sound of the times, when music was for the love of it. Listen on.

Cortez the Killer - Neil Young

One of my favorite sound machines Neil Young's guitar just sings the prelude to this song, before the lyrics break in. The historical narrative of the song is laced with love, yet the what is mesmerizing about it is the guitar, that sings. Listen on.

Childhood's End - Pink Floyd

There is nothing obscure about this song, except that it is quite an underrated song from band that has produced so many great, great, numbers that this one had to be obscured. What I like about this song is the way that it picks itself up, the doppler effect. The doppler transformation leads you into an lyrical experience of ponder, whether this world will ever change, strangely unlike other songs of revolt from floyd this one have a logical ending. This seriously a masterclass in using doppler effect to fore.

Monkeys Uptown - Iron and Wine

Just love this song, the funk in the music is so unlikely of the lyrics. This one I will not get tired of listening to. There are some songs you just cannot explain why you like it, this is one like that, its so difficult explain. It goes fast like all the other songs in the album, but this ones got a lyrical magic that sets it apart. Listen on.

I heard through the grapevine - Marvin Gaye

I was so tempted to put CCR's version of the same song ahead of this, but the voice of Gaye really tranfers the pain across. This song is just plain marvel of singing your feelings when you have the talent. You need to listen to this with the lyrics to understand what I am saying. But also listen to CCR's version.

Valcano - Damien Rice

Given a chance, I would just say listen to this one all week. The first time heard it was, when I was showing the Valcanoes to my son on youtube, this one popped up. The sound in this one is just out of this world, I would rather not say anything more about this song. You listen for yourself.


I hope to keep this going for long, week after week. So please leave your comments on my picks but also feel free to leave without it. This is just for myself.

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