My Ethos for Inwords.

I, Me and Myself

This is a question that I have asked myself over the years that I have been blogging, here, here, here, and other places. The only reason that I was blogging in all those people is to get as many followers as possible, and waste time at looking at how many are interested in looking at my blog. Yeah, that was it, to get people to like, retweet, reblog, follow and star by blog, but never for the myself.

So I have decided to run away from all that crying to articulate ideas for other people to love, and cry out loud whatever comes to my mind, and articulate it to the best I can, just to please myself first.

But there seems to be some negativity in that statement of putting myself first; does seem a little egoistic. So there needs to be some ground rules in my articulation of putting ideas to words.

Be good

Be good to people, though I am writing this for my own self. I am gonna be nice to people, as this is internet and there will be people reading it. And I wanna be good.

Do not Boast

I might be the only person, who knows it. I might be the first person, to see it. But that does not mean I need to get high and talk high. Keep calm and express what you feel genuinely.

Be Just

There is nothing in the world better then the truth, keep the above two things in mind and follow it up with truth. Since this blog is my record, truth would be an impeccable way of keep it that way. I should be ready to accept your faults and correct them as well.

Now these are the pillars on which I am going to place all my blogs on, whether I write about myself, my friends, family or technology.

By the way, Inwords is a pun on looking "Inwards".

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