Etcd 2.0, Jumps a Release

Etcd 2.0, Jumps a Release

I have watched this project quite keenly. Amazing that it has skipped version 1.0 to go directly to 2.0, whatever trivial the reason may be for that, it is worth every bit of the version.

Etcd, et-c-d, is a project from CoreOS for Service Discovery and Distributed configuration Management, that would find uses in wide range of distributed computing systems. It true to the KISS philosophy of Unix.

Etcd 2.0, apart from the non technical enhancements like the new Logo, or jumping a release, boasts about some features that could add more power to your distributed cluster, the blog is a nice read to get an idea.

Etcd 2.0, also powers many clustering or high availability tools like, Kubernetes, Mesos, Vulcan and of CoreOS itself.

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