Elasticity Excites, All the Time.

Have you ever been fascinated with Rubber Bands, as a child. Who wouldn’t have been? If not, don’t feel bad at all, there is always enough life in everyone to be fascinated about it. Though that fascination belongs to my son and daughter now; I still would pick that stray Rubber Band and play with its Elasticity. That’s all that is for actual Rubber Bands in this Blog; the will focus is more on the Elasticity (if you are still interested in Rubber Bands you could read that here).

Its interesting how that very property of Rubber Bands is transforming the way computing is done these days. In fact all aspects of your Computing Infrastructure have become elastic- thanks to Virtualization and Web Services(or SOA). That is, they can stretch and shrink horizontally at will. This aspect of computing(most times call Cloud) is what excites me the most and this is what this blog is dedicated to do.

Also, I would be speaking my mind about various technologies and programming languages that are suitably supporting to enhance that property of Rubber Bands in computing.

I have been blogging at CloudBuzz, but went underground since July 2011, emerging more enlightened and fresh. Hope to have a ride of a lifetime here at Tumblr. Enjoy the ride along with me as I jump into the world of rubber bands of a different kind to amuse myself and you.

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